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      Suzhou Luchuang Detection Technology Services Limited (referred to as GTT), founded in January 2013, has invested 10 million yuan, the introduction of Germany SLG vacuum cleaner, TOPAS PF111/112 car filter test system, PALAS aerosol generator, the United States Lighthouse, TSI, PMS and Japan Kano multiple specifications of laser particle counter. Fully         equipped:
      (1) pre evaluation of the performance test of vacuum cleaner, air purifier and home service robot;
      (2) vacuum cleaner, air purifier, home service robot, car compartment and special equipment, etc., to test and evaluate the particle and gas adsorption capacity;
      (3) performance test and evaluation of home service robot;
      (4) FFU testing and evaluation of small household appliances such as cleaning, kitchen and garden tools.
      Laboratory has been accredited by the China Council for the assessment of qualified CNAS 5 products of the 24 items of the CNAS, L8342. Is the first to carry out the European vacuum       cleaner ERP (EU666/2013) first, the 2 phase of the third party testing agency. In the vacuum cleaner, air purifier, car and medical equipment and other special-shaped air filter third party detection capability (ISO/TS 19713-1, EN 1822, ISO 11155-1/2), has reached the leading domestic and international advanced level. In the cleaning robot performance (IEC 62929) third party detection capabilities, has been the leading domestic, international advanced.
      Xiong Kaisheng, founder of the company, the current ISO/TS 59F registered experts, China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute of clean technology society vacuum cleaner branch secretary general, the national standard vacuum cleaner working group core members. In Chengdu Machine Tool Research Institute, Suzhou Electric Power Research Institute (300215) and (603355) Lake electrical laboratories engaged in product testing and technical management. The standard QB/T4980-2016 led the drafting of vacuum cleaner accessories, led revised cleaner product standard QB/T 1562-2014, involved in cleaner safety standard GB 4706.7-2014, GB/T 20291-2014 performance standard vacuum cleaner, cleaning robot product standard QB/T4833-2015 and standard GB/ T26176-2010 Soybean Milk machine products and many other national or industry standards revision work.