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Suzhou Luchuang Detection Technology Services Limited (referred to as GTT), founded in January 2013, has invested 10 million yuan, the introduction of Germany SLG vacuum cleaner, TOPAS PF111/112 car filter test system, PALAS aerosol generator, the United States Lighthouse, TSI, PMS and Japan Kano multiple specifications of laser particle counter. Fully equipped: (1) pre evaluation of the performance test of vacuum cleaner, air purifier and home service robot; (2) vacuum cleaner, air purifier, home service robot, car compartment and special equipment, etc., to test and evaluate the particle and gas adsorption capacity; (3) performance test and evaluation of home service robot; (4) FFU testing and evaluation of small household appliances such as cleaning, kitchen and garden tools. &>>>more

  • IEC 62929 QB/T 4833
  • IEC 60312 EU 666/2013
  • IEC 60312
  • GB/T 18801 AHAM AC-1
  • IEC 62929 QB/T 4833
  • ASTM F1977